Science Facilities Project Impact


This project, which extends the college's ability to serve STEM fields with nearly 100,000 square feet of classrooms, labs, dedicated research areas, study space and offices, will have an impact on how we teach, how we learn, and how we interact on campus.

“The Russell Science Center will meet faculty needs for teaching and research with state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and student meeting spaces. We will attract a new generation of students and faculty, and the subsequent learning and research will prepare our students for the exciting future of scientific exploration.”


— Craig Tepper, Professor of Biology


Craig Tepper, Professor of Biology
Cindy Strong, William Deskin Professor of Chemistry

“The condition of West Science makes recruiting students very difficult and negatively influences teaching and learning. The chemistry faculty is extremely excited about the new spaces and the benefits they will bring to Cornell.” 


— Cindy Strong, William Deskin Professor of Chemistry


“We have this wonderful array of faculty members who have dedicated their days and their careers to teaching the students at Cornell, and this is their home. We’ve had wonderful experiences and they’ve pushed us out into the world and now it’s time to give back to them so they have the facilities they need to keep recruiting students and to keep teaching to the best of their best ability.” 


— Jamie Wallace Smith ’05, MD


Jamie Wallace Smith ’05, MD
Ralph E. “Chris” Christoffersen ’59, PhD

“Science moves very fast – not only in the equipment, but in the surrounding structure itself. We need to improve that so students get a contemporary experience in science when they come to Cornell.”


— Ralph E. “Chris” Christoffersen ’59, PhD


“We’re considerably behind what we can offer students in the way of facilities and modern labs and the competition is getting way ahead of us. The new and renovated science facilities are extremely important for Cornell College.”


— Addison Ault, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry


Addison Ault, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry