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Giving to Cornell, our students, faculty, staff, and programs can be just as easy as paying for your favorite monthly subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. Recurring gifts allow you to establish an automatic debit to a credit/debit card on your schedule. Cornell College faculty and staff also have the option for automatic payroll deductions to give back to the college. Simply complete this form! If you have any questions, or to stop or make changes to your payroll deduction, please email or call 877.683.7666.

Why giving matters:

Every year, recurring gifts from alumni and friends help transform the vision of a Cornell education into reality for our exceptionally talented and hardworking students. Recurring gifts extend far-reaching benefits to every corner of our campus community and beyond. They elevate our facilities and programs, they provide support to scholarships, experiential learning, athletics, faculty research, new lab equipment, building maintenance, utility costs, and more. 


Recurring gifts provide:

Consistent and Maximum Impact: Your recurring gift ensures a steady stream of support for the Hilltop. These regular, reliable donations make it easier for the college to budget and plan. Small, regular contributions add up to significant support over time. Your consistent giving empowers us to tackle long-term goals and drives meaningful change to our campus. And, monthly increments may lessen the impact on your immediate budget! Your commitment inspires others to do the same. When people see the impact (and ease!) of recurring giving, they're more likely to join the movement, amplifying the positive change.

Simplicity and Convenience: Set it and forget it! Once you've set up your recurring gift, your contribution will be automatic, on a schedule that works best for you. No need to remember to give each year; it's hassle-free and convenient. You may increase, decrease, or suspend your gift at any time – just notify us. You also will receive fewer requests for support! (It’s true, you won’t hear from us as frequently!)


How it works:

  1. Choose your donation amount and frequency (monthly, quarterly, and annually) 
  2. Enter your card info once, and your secure, automatic donations will be processed with ease moving forward.
  3. Your ongoing support makes a significant impact on the Hilltop!


Your support means…

When you establish a recurring gift, you provide a steady source of income to the college. You select the amount that fits your budget. As you can see… each gift really adds up!

A monthly recurring gift of… Will add up to an annual gift of… This could provide...
Skip just one caramel macchiato a month…
$60 A textbook for a student
Make a gift in honor of one of the most unique aspects of Cornell—the Block Plan
$216 Lawn mowing services on campus
$50 $600 New equipment for the SAW
$100 $1,200 Support for an off-campus study experience
$167* $2,000* 
Presidents Society
Scholarship support

*Join the Presidents Society to receive insider updates from President Brand and Provost Crawford ’92, an invitation to The President’s Reception at Homecoming, special recognition, and more!


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