Annual Giving


Your Annual Gift provides immediate support to help sustain a transformative liberal arts education for students at Cornell College. Everything from scholarships and experiential learning opportunities to building maintenance and utility costs is supported by your generous gift.

Annual Giving encompasses gifts that can be made and spent within one fiscal year. Each year, loyal Annual Giving donors provide vital support to enhance the Cornell College experience for our students.

Every gift, no matter the size, is important and makes a difference.

Thank you for supporting current and future generations of Cornell students!

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How my annual gift is used

35% – Scholarships and Financial Aid: With 99 percent of Cornell students receiving financial assistance, your annual gift support impacts nearly every student who wants to attend Cornell.

27% – Academics and Experiential Learning: Putting learning into action is a hallmark of a Cornell education. Whether through internships, off-campus study, service projects or individual research, your annual gift supports student in and out of the classroom.

27% Student Support: More than 92 percent of Cornell students live on campus and they all have needs ranging from academic support to health and well being. Your annual gift supports the entire student experience.

11% – Institutional Support: Your gift helps maintain day-to-day operations. Just like you, Cornell has a heating bill to pay, a lawn to mow, and software updates to maintain.


Every gift has a multiplier effect. Each contribution to Annual Giving is the equivalent of an endowment more than 20 times that amount. It would take nearly $43 million in endowment to generate the amount of funds that our donors are giving each year.

Every annual gift increases the value of a Cornell education and supports the college’s reputation. Corporations, foundations, and families all use alumni donor participation as a marker for the health of an institution, which can affect enrollment and funding opportunities.

Your annual gift inspires others. By showing through your annual gift that Cornell College matters to you, you make Cornell matter to others. Help keep Cornell accessible to all students by making a gift to the Cornell Fund today!