Cornell College Endowment

How We Empower Continuous Transformation

A major long-term priority is growing the college’s endowment for programs that advance Cornell and the education we provide students.

Cornell’s endowment is an essential financial foundation for the college. This foundation is a perpetual resource base for a rich variety of ongoing programs.

Our endowment has been built over many decades, primarily through gifts from individuals wishing to provide for Cornell’s present as well as its future. It is invested to generate a steady and permanent source of income to support the college’s mission.

Increasing our endowment provides the two-fold benefit of generating increased resources for programs and bolstering Cornell’s long-term financial stability. Our ongoing goals are to create endowed funds for programs including:

  • Scholarships and financial aid to attract and retain talented students

  • Experiential learning programs so our students can expand their education through internships, research, off-campus study, and service learning

  • Named professorships to attract and retain outstanding faculty

  • Unrestricted purposes to provide the college with greater flexibility to address new or emerging priorities



For more information about the Cornell College Endowment, including how you can help, please contact:

AJ Plummer Director of Development

A.J. Plummer

Senior Director of Development

(319) 895-4331


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