Endowment Information

Cornell’s endowment provides an essential financial foundation for the college. Comprised of all financial assets that are intended for the college’s long-term support, it has been built over many decades, primarily through gifts from individuals wishing to provide for Cornell’s present as well as its future. The endowment is invested to generate a steady and permanent source of income to support the college’s programs and to allow the assets to grow in value and keep pace with inflation. Our goal is that the endowment remains as valuable to Cornell in the future as it is today.

Our endowment creates an important, perpetual resource base for a rich variety of ongoing programs such as funds for the benefit of academic and co-curricular programs, scholarships and financial aid for our students, and support for distinguished and dedicated faculty members through professorships. Nearly every Cornell student receives financial assistance from the college to reduce the cost of his or her education, and over 75% qualify for need-based aid. Endowed scholarships are an important resource for Cornell in providing financial assistance which can mean the difference between a student attending Cornell or choosing a different college. These perpetual sources of scholarship support help the college attract and retain talented students by making a Cornell education as affordable as possible.

Richard Williams ’63, Trustee

“The key to progress is focus. And, that is what we are doing—taking strong steps to grow the endowment, including through our campaign. Our effort today for the endowment is a legacy: a gift to all of the future generations who will study and work at Cornell College. We do it for them.”

— Richard Williams ’63, Lifetime Trustee