Other Endowed Funds

The following is a list of endowed funds, other than scholarships, which provide important, perpetual resources for a rich variety of ongoing programs such as funds for the benefit of academic and co-curricular programs and support for distinguished and dedicated faculty members through professorships, as well as experiential learning opportunities for our students. The college is deeply grateful to the donors who have established these funds with gifts to Cornell's endowment.




Fiscal Year 2024

Mark Becker ’79 & Susan Ramseyer Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Blackbird ’79 Mental Health & Well-Being Network
Dana-Van Etten Experiential Learning Fund
Global Engagement Fund
Truman Jordan and Cynthia Strong Experiential Learning Fund
Barry Russell ’71 & Lu Ann White '78 Endowed Fund

Fiscal Year 2023

Elizabeth Joy Blackbird ’79 Mental Health & Well-Being Network Fund
Cathy Brady ’72 Endowed Research Fund
Daniel C. Brennan ’81 & Susan Kozal Brennan ’82 Endowed International Experiential Learning Fund
Freya R. Brier Endowed Fund for Off-Campus Language Study
Dr. Judith Burroughs Bush ’63 Endowment Honoring Three Generations of Cornell Women
Nancy Stone Crabbe ’67 and David Crabbe Endowed Experiential Learning Fund
Marilynn Conners Frederiksen ’70 and James W. Frederiksen ’68 Music Endowment
Scott Fritschel ’75 Endowed Research Fund
Joyce A. Guzik ’82 Endowed Experiential Learning Fund
Kruesi Kendall Experiential Learning Endowment
Paul, Pauline, and Michael Maaske ’69 Endowed Fund
John Schoenfelder ’72 Experiential Learning Endowment
Reis and Franco Family Endowed Student Summer Research Fund
Mary A. Steponkus ’99 Off-Campus Study Endowment
Sue Titus Reid Ingenuity Fund for Pre-Law


Esther and Robert Armstrong Endowed Fund
Karen Reimer Bahnick ’62 & Donald Bahnick ’62 Endowed International Experiential Learning Fund
Gerald Drendel ’65 and Jean Koranda Drendel ’66 Experiential Learning Endowment
David Edwards ’87 and Valerie Stahl Edwards ’87 Endowed Emergency Financial Assistance Fund
Experiential Learning Fund in the Natural Sciences
Korslund/Kooiman Endowed Experiential Learning Fund
Michael ’72 and Jan Sellen McGrane ’72 Endowed Experiential Learning Fund
Robin Reid and Sue Titus Reid Experiential Learning Endowment
Allan J. Ruter ’76 Landscape Endowment
Aossey Family Endowed Experiential Learning Fund
Chris and Barbara Christoffersen Endowment for Experiential Learning
Ringer Endowment for Ingenuity
The Albers-Alexander LGBTQ Trust Endowed Fund
Bruce ’71 and Sharon ’72 Clement Endowed Experiential Learning Fund
Belinda Keever ’80 Volleyball Endowment
Peter McCormick ’65 Cultural Diversity Endowment
Dr. Ric Sanderson ’52 Endowment for Student Professional Development in Theatre
Jane Welgos Sidwell ’69 and Lloyd H. Sidwell Mental Well-Being Endowment
Susan Boehm Schimmel ’66 Study in France Endowed Fund
Tom and Betsy Beers Shillinglaw Endowed Tree Fund
Douglas Cameron ’70 and Virginia Shannon Cameron ’71 Endowed Fund
Jerry W. Clark Football Endowment Fund
LaFollette-Sitterly Geology Endowed Fund
Rena Pulcini & Dominic Cincione Off-Campus Study Endowment
Priscilla Russell Experiential Learning Endowment Fund
Roger Stewart ’53 & Jennie Prichard Stewart ’54 Endowed Fund
The Robert Bunting Experiential Learning Endowed Fund
Rogers-Gillette Student-Faculty Endowed Research Fund
Dr. Richard B. Caple ’53 Endowed Fund for Faculty Development
Dr. Lois Gehring Experiential Learning Endowment Fund
Michael Schneider ’52 Endowed Geological Field Experiences Fund
Thomas A. Sears ’56 Endowed Fund for Student Achievement
Virginia Soper Smith ’73 Endowment for the Center for Law & Society
The Stark Endowed Fellowship
Stoll Endowment for the Program for Law and Society
Georgia A. Yanicke ’67 Endowed Fund for International Education Studies
Professor Craig Allin Endowment for The Center for Law and Society
Anderson Science Lectureship
Beta Omicron Distinguished Alumni Visitors Program
Karin L. Bostrom Fellows Program in Art
James Brown ’68 and Gretchen Brown Endowed Fund
Eubanks-Carstensen Faculty Development Fund
Class of 1955 Off-Campus Study Endowment Fund
Class of 1964 Endowed Fund for Off-Campus Study
The Connell Family International Off-Campus Study Endowment Fund
Delta Phi Rho Centennial Endowment Fund (Delt Lecture)
William and Ruth Deskin Endowed Chair in Chemistry
The Deskin Fund
Gaarde-Morton Junior Faculty Award Fund
Hendriks Geology Student Research Fund
Thomas L. Jarom Endowed Fund for the Cornell LEADS Program
L. Lois and Truman A. Jordan Endowed Chaplain Fund
Eric C. Kollman Memorial Lectureship
Catherine Levy Off-Campus Study Fund
Emil and Rosa Massier Faculty Development Fund for the Social Sciences
Campbell McConnell Faculty Travel Fund
Campbell McConnell Sabbatical Fund
Gary L. Menges Study Abroad Endowment Fund
Meyer Strength Training Center Endowed Fund   
Rebecca Joe Wearin Pulk Faculty Research Endowed Fund
Etta H. Rasmussen Faculty Fellowship Fund
Jerry and Carole Ringer Distinguished Professorship
Sherman and Vera Shaffer Endowed Chair of Chemistry
David Shillinglaw Endowed Library Fund
Richard P. Small and Norma Small Distinguished Professorship
Small-Thomas Lecture Fund
Rev. Donald E. Struchen Endowed Fund
Richard H. Thomas History Scholar Endowment for Off-Campus Research
The Mark E. Weston ’74 and Kay M. Weston Endowed Fund for Advanced Studies in the Department of Education
Richard and Marlene Williams Lecture Fund

Updated 5/17/2024