Endowed funds established during the Greater > Than campaign


“Cornell’s endowment is comprised of over 700 individual funds, most named by donors in honor or memory of beloved family members, classmates, or faculty. Our endowment is a snapshot of Cornell’s history and individuals’ hopes for its future. It reflects the love and commitment that Cornellians have for our special corner of the world.” — Jonathan Brand, President

Endowed funds continue to be critical for Cornell College. The individual endowment funds provide essential, timeless, and permanent support for extraordinary Cornell faculty and students, as well as operating funds for programs, experiential learning opportunities, and even landscaping for our beautiful Hilltop campus.

The college is deeply grateful to all individuals who have made gifts to Cornell’s endowment since the launch of the Greater > Than campaign on July 1, 2015. These individuals have made outright endowment commitments of $50,000 or more to establish new, or add to existing, endowed funds:


Aossey Family Endowed Experiential Learning Fund

William Aossey ’63 and Jalel Aossey ’97

Elaine Burnet ’80 Endowed Scholarship

Dr. George Burnet V

Luke and Sarah Korth Endowed Scholarship Fund

Luke Korth ’12 & Sarah Gilliland Korth ’11

Paul MacGregor ’71 and Barbara Martin MacGregor ’70 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ririe Family Scholarship Endowment

Ririe Family Foundation

Cecelia Sendek Endowed Scholarship for Iowa Students

Ceceilia Sendek ’49 Estate

Janyce Meggers Stephenson ’56 & Rev. Norman D. Stephenson ’57 Endowed Scholarship in Music

The Albers-Alexander LGBTQ Trust Endowed Fund

     Ronald Albers ’71 & Colin Alexander

Jane Easter Bahls ’76 and Steven Bahls Endowed Scholarship

Jane Easter Bahls ’76 & Steven Bahls

Jackson L. Bogert Jr. Endowed Scholarship

Jo Ellen Bogert

Elizabeth Homberg Bull ’90 Endowed Scholarship

Elizabeth Homberg Bull ’90

Robert Bunting Experiential Learning Endowed Fund

Richard Chambers ’65

Douglas Cameron ’70 and Virginia Shannon Cameron ’71 Endowed Fund

Douglas Cameron ’70 & Virginia Shannon Cameron ’71

Dr. Richard B. Caple ’53 Endowed Fund for Faculty Development

Richard Caple ’53

Rena Pulcini and Dominic Cincione Off-Campus Study Endowment

Elizabeth Cincione Harms ’66 and Barry Harms

Jerry W. Clark Football Endowment Fund

Tob Trickey ’73
Joe Vernon ’81
Jerry Worsham II ’78

Bruce ’71 and Sharon ’72 Clement Endowed Experiential Learning Fund

N. Bruce Clement ’71 & Sharon Plestina Clement ’72

The Dave ’45 and Jean ’42 Clutterham Endowed Scholarship

Lars Clutterham ’70

June Kennedy Fellows Endowed Scholarship

The Wayne T. Kennedy and Lorelei F. Rockwell Family Foundation

The Freeman Endowed Scholarship Fund

David Keith '01 & Shawna Rosen
Harper Reed ’01 & Hiromi Nakazawa ’01

Furnish Family Endowed Scholarship in the Humanities and the Arts

Victor Furnish ’52 & Jody Furnish

Richard Gast Endowed Scholarship

Richard Gast ’70 & Joan Marttila

Rogers-Gillette Student-Faculty Endowed Research Fund

P. Roger Gillette ’37

Dr. Lois Gehring Experiential Learning Endowment Fund

Lois Bigger Gehring ’47

Kathryn Bohstedt Harrison ’63 Endowed Scholarship

Kathryn Bohstedt Harrison ’63 & Roger Harrison

Johnston Family Endowed Scholarship

Rodger L. Johnston ’38 Estate

Belinda Keever ’80 Volleyball Endowment

Belinda Keever ’80

Judith Gintzler Kocher ’72 and Ronald Kies Endowed Scholarship

Judith Gintzler Kocher ’72 & Ronald Kies

LaFollette-Sitterly Geology Endowed Fund

Stephen LaFollette ’69 & Julie LaFollette
Preston Sitterly ’69

The Donald D. Lindell and Barbara Libby Lindell Endowed Scholarship

Barbara Libby Lindell ’56

Ellsworth E. Lory Endowed Scholarship

Joan Mathews

Ruth A. Lowell Endowed Scholarship

Payson Lowell ’53

Peter McCormick ’65 Cultural Diversity Endowment

Peter McCormick ’65

David C. and Anita L. Meyer Endowed Scholarship in the Humanities

David C. Meyer ’67 & Anita Meyer

Hiromi Nakazawa ’01 and Harper Reed ’01 Endowed Scholarship

Harper Reed ’01 & Hiromi Nakazawa ’01

Pugh Family Endowed Scholarship

Marylyn Pugh Parmelee ’69

Robin Reid and Sue Titus Reid Endowed Scholarship

Robin Reid
Sue Titus Reid

The Lois and Karl Renter Family Endowed Scholarship

Lois Renter ’65 & Karl Renter

Priscilla Russell Experiential Learning Endowment Fund

Priscilla Russell ’77

Dr. Ric Sanderson ’52 Student Professional Development Fund

Richard Sanderson ’52
Sarah L. Sanderson

Susan Boehm Schimmel ’66 Study in France Endowed Fund

Richard Schimmel ’66

The Michael Schneider ’52 Endowed Geological Field Experiences Fund

Michael Schneider ’52

Mary Bowman Seidler ’61 Endowed Scholarship

Mary Bowman Seidler ’61 & Stanley Seidler

Tom and Betsy Beers Shillinglaw Endowed Tree Fund

Thomas Shillinglaw ’67 & Betsy Beers Shillinglaw ’69

Jane Welgos Sidwell ’69 and Lloyd H. Sidwell Mental Well-Being Endowment

Jane Welgos Sidwell ’69 and Lloyd H. Sidwell

Virginia Soper Smith ’73 Endowment for the Center for Law and Society

Established by family and friends in memory of Ginger
Douglas L. Smith ’73
John McGrane ’73 & Martha Benson McGrane ’73
W. Scott Simmer ’73 & Peggy Schoen
Nels Lindquist ’71 & Cindy Ransom Lindquist ’71

Thomas A. Sears ’56 Endowed Fund for Student Achievement

Thomas Sears ’56 & Margaret Sears
Nels Lindquist ’71 & Cindy Ransom Lindquist ’71

The Stark Endowed Fellowship

Jon Stark ’52 & Terry Stark

Roger Stewart ’53 and Jennie Prichard Stewart ’54 Endowed Fund

Deborah Stewart Bowman ’74

Georgia A. Yanicke ’67 Endowed Fund for International Education Studies

Georgia Yanicke ’67


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